First a disclaimer – iPab.tv is a custom image to enable FreeSat, Freeview and Free to Air television channels. We do not supply boxes (factory sealed nor fully loaded), neither do we supply any services that would permit you to decrypt or unscramble any premium satellite or cable TV services. In no way do we condone receiving any channels you have not paid for. We supply this image strictly as FTA. We will provide support for FTA reception only.

iPab was created SOLELY, as the above disclaimer has said for many years, to provide an image (software) for people to load onto boxes to receive FTA broadcase channels.  The iPab image was put together using freely available software for which we have always thanked and creditted the respective authors.

To confirm, iPab do not sell boxes, subscriptions, ‘lines’, or anything else that would permit you to decrypt or unscramble premium channels.  We are NOT responsible for any content that might be offered by anyone linked with the image or advertising on this website.  We know that the iPab image has been used by people who have modified the image.  Again – WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for the modifications they have made, OR the content they provide.   This is in exactly the same way that Microsoft are not responsible for the way in which people use their software.

Despite all of this, FACT have seen fit to issue a ‘Cease and Desist’ order.  As of Sunday 28th October 2018, all images will be removed, all support channels will be closed in compliance with the ‘Cease and Desist’ order from FACT.  Please look for an alternative image.


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