First a disclaimer – iPab.tv is a custom image to enable FreeSat, Freeview and Free to Air television channels. We do not supply boxes (factory sealed nor fully loaded), neither do we supply any services that would permit you to decrypt or unscramble any premium satellite or cable TV services.  In no way do we condone receiving any channels you have not paid for. We supply this image strictly as FTA. We will provide support for FTA reception only.  

30,000 custom image downloads from this site in DECEMBER 2017 – Why aren’t you running iPab?

Welcome to the iPab.TV site.  The home of the iPab.TV Custom Build for ALL versions of Zgemma Satellite boxes.  This combo custom build image will work on your Zgemma S, 2S, H1, H2, H.S, H.2S, H.2H, H5, H5.2S, H5.2TC, i55, LC; Vu+ Solo2 and now the Mut@nt HD1500 and HD51.  We are now introducing some images as “iPabX’ – These images, when built, offer exactly the same image as the standard IPab image, BUT, they have been built without actually having a box present locally.  See the iPab vs iPabX page for more details.  The first of our iPabX images has been made for the Vu+ Uno4K.   Just download the latest iPab.TV Custom Build here and flash your device. Quick Start and Full Instructions can be found both in the download and on this site here.  If you would like to see iPab.tv  for a box we don’t yet support, please consider SPONSORING a build.

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iPab.tv v1.3 – Now available – Take a look at the video and see what you are missing!

On this site, you will find support documents, firmware, custom images, skins and extras – Everything you need to get your Zgemma set up exactly as you want it.  And if you need some advice, why not pop over to our facebook page.  This site is dedicated to resources for the Zgemma range of satellite receivers.  Whether you already own, or are contemplating buying a Zgemma, Vu+ or Mut@nt box, you WILL find useful and helpful information here.  No need to subscribe, no need to register, but I would ask that if you find these resources useful you spread the word, and let me know either by posting on the Facebook group, posting a comment on this site, or by using the contact form to provide some feedback.

And if you do find the resources here useful and you’d like to, or if you’d like to help continue develop the iPab.TV Zgemma Image and you’d like to see more resources added to this site, or you’d just like to say thank you, please select the ‘donate’ button above to buy me a coffee or to contribute towards the costs associated with developing the image and hosting this site.  The image and all information contained on this site is available FREE, any donation you make is purely your choice.

All of the files linked to or provided here are used with credit going to the original authors which are identified in or against each file.

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