i55 IPTV with Working EPG

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Working in partnership with our current sponsor, DreamXBMC, we have developed a working solution to provide users with Zgemma i55 with a full IPTV service and working EPG for both UK and International Channels*.

You will need the latest iPab image for the i55 (1.3.6) and have run the Emergency update (Red > 1 > Yellow) and ensure you are running iPab v1.3.6e023 or later.  Then follow these steps.

If you don’t already have one, now go and sign up for an IPTV service from DreamXBMC

  • Follow Section 5 of the Guide (First Time Boot) – these steps are important
  • Red > 9 > 5 (IPTV Quick Prep) – This will remove any existing channels you have
  • Red > 9 > 6
  • Red > 9 > 7 > Blue > 4 (DreamStream)
  • Enter your username and password, and choose whether or not you wish to install VOD
  • Green Button
  • Blue Button to Install
  • Exit to TV and check you have a working IPTV stream
  • Red > 9 > Blue (EPG Fudge)
  • Red > 9 > 8
  • Blue (Sources) > Choose iPab IPTV and select Dream Stream
  • Select all available Rytec sources
  • Green button to save
  • Yellow button to Manual Import (and select Yes to Prompt)

After the import has completed (and you should see over 100000 events), then you can now exit to TV and you should see a full EPG


*Not every channel will have EPG, but nearly ALL UK, most US and several others will have a full 7 day EPG.  More channels will be added to EPG as and when available