What is iPabX?  iPabX is a new way for us to build image.  Up until now we’ve used boxes locally that we can develop on.  Where there are a number of similar boxes in a range (such as the Vu+ Uno4k and Solo4K), we are SOMETIMES able to take the development files and load them remotely.  This is because there is no further development needed.

So when we make an iPabX image, the image is built as if the box was local.  The FIRST image in a train will be exactly the same as if we had the box here with us.  BUT, what it does mean is that we can’t maintain and update the image other than by OTA (over the air) updates.  This may mean that the iPabX images are out of date at some point in time.  It also means that the likelihood of fixing an underlying bug is very slim.    If it gets to the point where an image becomes unreliable, we will of course withdraw it from our offerings.

iPabX images are designed to be created in a very short time period, making use of tried and tested elements of similar images to rapidly create an image for a new box.

But by creating builds remotely (or Xternally, get were the X comes from now?) we can offer the iPab image to more boxes, quicker and without undertaking the cost to do so.  You will be able to tell if your image is an iPabX image, by the logo on the boot screen.