How do I find my Virgin NETID

If you already have a Virgin Media box, you will need to find your NETID from your existing box. Don’t worry if you can’t follow these instructions or you don’t have access to your Virgin Media box, as there are alternative lists available. This method is just the most reliable way to ensure you have the correct NETID

If you have Virgin Media TiVo

  • Press Home then select ‘Help & Settings’, then ‘Systems Info’, then ‘Diagnostics’ and the top line is your NETID

If you have Virgin V+Box

  • Press the Home button on your VM remote control, then select ‘Settings’, then ‘Technical Stuff and the first item is your NETID

Once you’ve found your NETID, the first 5 numbers are the important bit you will need for your new Zgemma box.

If you want to find look through the full list of NETIDs, please look in the Files & Docs section of the group for the file called ‘Virgin NETID.pdf’