How to get Channel Numbers in EPG

A regularly asked question is how you go about getting channel numbers in your EPG. It’s actually one of the most annoying omissions. Well there is a way to do this, but it isn’t perfect.

You’ll need to download a plugin called Autobouquets E2 – It’s available from the plugin menu (Green to download plugins)

One you have it installed, it’s imperative you restart your box – If you do not, it will crash the box and restart anyway.

Once rebooted, go back to the plug-in menu and configure AutoBouquets E2 but pressing the Menu button. Here are some example settings you can try.

Local Area Search – Change to your local area
Numbering – SD
Scan Mode – Available HD
Bouquests Sort – Large 1st Bouquet
Add Ch Number – Yes
Hide Adult – No
Channel Swap – Yes
Make all default bouquets – No
Other Extra – Yes
NIT – Yes
Hide Blank – Yes
Enable Script – No
Display Style – Style 5
Autopicon links – No
Updates – No

Once those settings have been run, you can run the scan. Probably worth restarting your Zgemma once you have done the scan.

If you decide to give this a go, please leave some feedback to let other know how you got on.