How to turn of Audio Descriptions

This seems to be a hot topic at the moment. Audio Descriptions are a voice overlay onto the soundtrack of the TV show you are watching, describing what is happening in the scene. It’s obviously very distracting if you don’t need it.

So you will first need to Navigate to your auto language settings. In Open ATV there are found by selecting Menu Button > Setup > Audio > Auto language selection

Within this screen you should set the following settings:
Audio language selection 1 > English
Prefer AC3 track > Yes
Prefer AC3+ Track > Yes
Prefer audio track stored by service > No

Press green button to save your updated settings and press Exit button until you are back to the TV.

Now go to a Sky channel (Sky 1 is good – 106)
Press the Audio Button and ensure this is set to Subtitle – SD Sky 1 (It should have an X beside it – Click OK button to exit.

That’s it – That should solve your audio description problem.

If you decide to give this a go, please leave some feedback to let other know how you got on.