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iPab v1.3.1
Average rating:  
 34 reviews
by michelle on iPab v1.3.1
Box (Zgemma H.2S etc): zgemma H.2s

absolutely fantastic would never use anything else, so easy to use

by kieron on iPab v1.3.1
Box (Zgemma H.2S etc): h2s

amazing image thanx

by Mike on iPab v1.3.1
iPab 1.3.1
Box (Zgemma H.2S etc): Zgemma HS

Got my box on 10-02-2017 already flashed with iPab 1.3.1
Other than reading forums, and here, I knew nothing about Linux based boxes.
I'm very impressed with iPab. It's stable, easy to navigate & included all I needed to get up and running. No need for me to try any other backup images. I'm here for the duration.

by Tom on iPab v1.3.1
Why use anything else?
Box (Zgemma H.2S etc): Zgemma H.2S, H.2H

Saves so much time on set up; tuners configured, skin loaded, bouquets created, all you have to do is add a line (stupidly easy with the importer) & you're up and ready to go in about 5 minutes! The best image available and I won't use anything else. Just hope I can sponsor some more VU+ boxes soon 😀

by Richard Dearden on iPab v1.3.1
Box (Zgemma H.2S etc): Vu+solo2

Fantastic what more can i say and the help from all is brilliant

by lee on iPab v1.3.1
awesome build ipab
Box (Zgemma H.2S etc): zgemma h2s,h5.2s and vu solo se2

this image is faultless easy to use and GREAT FOR any beginner

superb user/setup guide with a great fault finding/diagnosis section also and the ipab group/community has grown and grown and it by far the most helpful of all

top credits to the image designer Paul, then to his admin team who are also just as good when needing any help .

a1 keep it up 🙂

by Mark chadwick on iPab v1.3.1
Box (Zgemma H.2S etc): Zgemma h2h

Very easy to use. Followed instructions to flash image and set box up. Group info really helpfull

by Andy keefe on iPab v1.3.1
Box (Zgemma H.2S etc): H2s

Great image used a few and by far the best never gonna change again ipab all the way

by Chris on iPab v1.3.1
Box (Zgemma H.2S etc): H2s

Easy to flash and change to suit region and settings, very stable

by Kev on iPab v1.3.1
Best build out there
Box (Zgemma H.2S etc): ZGemma H2s

Tried a couple of builds previously and thought the last one was perfect, until I tried ipab. The build has a simple and clear interface that the whole family find easy to use. The technical assistance from the group is outstanding, with quick responses to issues reported.

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