How To Flash Zgemma H7

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  • Download the latest iPab image from
  • Make sure you select the specific image for the Zgemma H7
  • Unzip the download
  • Copy ONLY the zgemma folder to a USB drive that has been formatted as FAT32
  • Place the USB drive into the rear USB drive on the Zgemma H7
  • Ensure NO OTHER USB devices are attached
  • Power the box off fully - use the white power button at the rear
  • Pull down the front flap, push and hold the small button on the top left. Keep this button depressed whilst you switch on your Zgemma H7 using the white button on the rear. Keep the front button pushed in until your see FLSH on the front screen. You can remove your finger from the front button.
  • Wait for the flashing to complete
  • Once the flashing has completed, remove the USB drive you used to flash from the front USB slot.
  • Follow the guide (included with the download) to complete the installation (Don't skip this as there are important steps here to ensure you box is fully functional)

For troubleshooting flashing issues, please refer to this guide

For Zgemma i55 Please refer to this guide

For ALL other Zgemma Models Please refer to this guide